On behalf of the community of Metepenagiag First Nation, welcome to our website.

We hope that, through our website, you will learn about New Brunswick’s Oldest Village, our people, our Mi’kmaq heritage and our rich history. You will gain a glimpse into the beauty of our community, our way of life, both past and present and our visions for the future.

Known as the Village of Thirty Centuries, we are the proud caretakers of two National Historic Sites – The Augustine Mound and the Oxbow . Through the creation of the future "Metepenagiag Heritage Park", our community development plans include the commemoration of these two sites and the preservation of our community history and Mi’kmaq culture. We presently host several eco-tourism events and related services and activities.

The "People of the Dawn" invite you to visit our community, meet the friendly people and enjoy a genuine heritage-related experience as you learn about the "Keepers of the Eastern Door".

Emset Nogamag!

All my relations!

Chief Noah Augustine